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Share Market

 Share Market I was always fascinated and at the same time sceptical about Share market and its  world. Fascinated because how much money went in  came out of share market, at the same  time I was sceptical because  I have only heard from my elders how they lost money and how few of them become debt-ridden due to the same market. I got an amazing opportunity in my life back in 2016 when my  friend Mr.Anohar who  is working with SEBI provided all his  support and wisdom regarding share markets. I was  convinced  to start a Demat account but then due to the certain issues couldn’t  get it opened. Years went on, I continued investing my time(bits and  pieces) into understanding share  market. One fine day my brother said  that he started trading based on tips that an IIM and  an IIT guy. I  advised him based on my understanding to look into various aspects before climbing the ladder, but he trusted those two guys rather than a Post-  Graduate. While he  was trading based on someone else’s
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Financial Awareness

 Financial Awareness 10 years or even a year back if anyone guided me without any logic  into share market or anything related to finance I would have ended  up in mess, but now if anyone talks to me about finance (rational or  irrational) I would be able to understand it easily. It was not snap the  finger transformation from novice to financially aware guy, it took  many strides of unlearning and relearning.Alvin Toffler famously  said “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and  relearn.”, which is true when you don’t keep your ears and eyes  open while at the same time allowing new information to be  downloaded into your minds and deleting obsolete ones. I was looking into more information regarding when I stumbled upon Robert Kiyosaki’s video regarding school and why they don’t teach people to become rich.  A single spark could light up an inexhaustible flame which led me to  Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad,P